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A Masterpiece for a Legend: Tobias Becs Presents Custom Soccer Ball Art to Ronaldinho in Orlando

Orlando, Florida recently hosted an unforgettable charity match that brought together some of the biggest names in football. Among the legends on the field were Ronaldinho and Roberto Carlos, joined by stars like R9, Vini Jr., Khaby Lame, and Nani. But the event wasn’t just about the game; it featured a special moment where freestyle football star Tobias Becs presented a custom ball art piece to the legendary Ronaldinho.

The Event: Legends on the Field

The charity match was a spectacular event, blending the thrill of football with a cause for good. Fans got to see their favorite players in action, showcasing the skills that made them legends. The atmosphere was electric, with everyone eager to see these football greats perform once again.

The Art Piece: A Tribute to a Legend

For this special occasion, Tobias Becs created a custom hand-painted ball dedicated to Ronaldinho. The ball featured vibrant colors and intricate designs, capturing the essence of Ronaldinho’s playful and dynamic style. Every detail was carefully crafted to honor the Brazilian star’s incredible career and his impact on the sport.

The Presentation: A Heartfelt Gesture

The highlight of the day was when Tobias Becs personally handed over the custom ball to Ronaldinho. It was a touching moment filled with mutual respect and admiration. Ronaldinho, always with his trademark smile, was clearly moved by the thoughtful gift. The ball is now a treasured keepsake, symbolizing Ronaldinho’s lasting influence and the inspiration he’s provided to players like Becs.

The Impact: Celebrating Soccer and Creativity

This event showed how soccer can bring people together and inspire creativity. The charity match not only entertained but also supported important causes, demonstrating the positive power of sports. Tobias Becs’ unique art piece was a perfect tribute to Ronaldinho, highlighting the beauty and creativity that football can inspire.


The charity match in Orlando was more than just a game—it was a celebration of soccer’s rich history and its ability to inspire. Tobias Becs' special tribute to Ronaldinho with a custom ball was a beautiful reminder of the joy and creativity that football brings to the world. This moment captured the spirit of football, showing that the love for the game goes beyond the pitch.


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