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World Champion - European Champion - guinness World record holder


Tobias Becs

Tobias Becs

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Traveling the World promoting and developing the beautiful sport and art form Football Freestyle and street football.
- Founder of Off-Pitch
- Founder of Off-Pitch Academy
-  Founder of Off-Pitch football Arena
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Consulting and global ambassador

Tobias worked with UEFA to develop the "Your Move" campaign as well as being one of the global ambassadors for EURO2020. He has consulted and worked with multiple brands to activate freestylers and street football players for different kinds of campaigns. 

Viral content - global reach

Creating unique and engaging viral content

Tobias travels the world with his ball creating viral and mind-blowing content to inspire. His goal is to show the world that football got no boundaries and can be played anywhere at any time.


Working with some of the biggest clubs and best football players in the world

Tobias has coached many professional football players and helped them improve their skills and technique. He also consults on set for commercial shoots and works as a body double.

Tobias Ball art gif.gif
Tobias Ball art gif.gif

football art

Tobias crafts stunning artworks from footballs and has had the privilege of creating pieces for renowned football players such as Ronaldinho.

off-pitch designerr gif.gif
off-pitch designerr gif.gif


Tobias founded Off-Pitch and 4freestyle, the biggest sports brands for freestyle football and street football. He has developed innovative gear for the sport that most top athletes use today.



Book Tobias Becs for public speaking, performances or consulting 

Freestyle football performances

Tobias Becs offers dynamic and captivating freestyle football performances. With an impressive portfolio, Tobias has performed at prestigious venues such as Wembley Stadium, for Manchester City, and Inter Miami CF. He has also showcased his talents in global commercials, at Radio City Hall, local evens and corporate gatherings. No matter the occasion, Tobias's freestyle football performances are sure to entertain and inspire.


Tobias Becs offers expert consulting services for brands, football clubs, and players, drawing on his extensive experience in the football industry. He has consulted for major organizations such as UEFA, EA Sports, and PlayStation, helping to develop and enhance their football campaigns. In addition to starring in numerous commercials alongside prominent figures like Erling Braut Haaland and clubs like Manchester City, Tobias provides invaluable insights and strategies for integrating football skills and influencers into marketing campaigns.

Public speaking

Tobias Becs offers engaging and insightful public speaking engagements, drawing from his career as a professional football freestyler. He shares his journey, emphasizing the parallels between sports and business. Tobias highlights how discipline, creativity, and proactive skill improvement are essential both on the field and in the corporate world. His talks inspire audiences to take action, cultivate their talents, and think creatively, making his presentations a valuable addition to any event.



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